This page shows you how a mobile subscriber can send money to you from their mobile phones.

The mobile subscriber needs to executes the following steps on their phone.


  1. The exact steps may depend on how you implement your solution. In many cases, you can design your solution to eliminate some of these steps. For example, using our collection requests API, you can request funds from a user, and all they have to do is enter their pin code to accept the transaction. See Why use Beyonic collections for other tips.


  1. Dial *185#

2. Enter the number 4 to select “Pay Bill”.

3. Enter the number 9 to select “Others”.

4. Enter the Business Number 998998, which corresponds to Beyonic.

5. Enter Amount to be transferred to Beyonic.

6. Enter your reference code. (This is the reference code set in your organization’s collection settings.)

7. Enter your Airtel Mobile Money PIN.

8. You will then receive a notification from Airtel Mobile Money confirming your transfer.

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