You’ve made a mistake and sent a payment to the wrong person, or sent more than you wanted to send. How do you reverse the payment?

  1. Option 1 (Recommended):

    Contact the recipient and ask them to send the payment back to you.We recommend you try this first. If the recipient is someone you know, please contact them and ask them to send the payment back to you.

    You can use the collection features that Beyonic provides, and the payment will go right to your account. Note: collection fees may apply.

  2. Option 2: Contact Beyonic and ask us to help you reverse the payment.

    If you’re not able to use option 1, Beyonic can sometimes help reverse the payment.

    Let us know the payment details, and we shall try to help. Beyonic will forward your reversal request to the customers mobile operator and ask them to reverse the payment.

    Note: if a lot of time has passed, it might not be possible to reverse the payment this way, so please notify us as soon as possible after discovering that you made a mistake. Also note that completion time may vary depending on the network.

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