For every outgoing payment our clients are able to attach a scanned or soft copy of a document as extra accountability for that transaction.

  • The attachments function has typically been used by customers to associate cash requisition forms for per-diems, training fees, payroll sign-offs forms and invoices from vendors - to support an outgoing payment.

  • The comments function allows either the initiator, reviewer or approver to leave notes for all parties involved in a transfer. This let’s you track and manage payments with as much transparency as your organization demands. 

  1. Once logged in, Select "Payments" on the left hand menu, then “Track Payments” 

2.  Click the transaction number for the specific transfer you would like to comment or attach a file to.

3. Select the option you wish to add a file or comment to, then select either new 

a. To attach a file,click "Attachments - click the "New attachment" button on the right hand side of the page, then chose the file to be uploaded then click "attach" in orange.

b. To add a comment, click "Comments" - type the comments you wish to that specific payment ", then click "add note"

4. All your details will be saved to that transaction.You can always go back to review them at any time.

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