When you create an organization account, we will work with you to set up Authorization Rules.
Authorization Rules allow you to define who can review and approve your payments.
You simply share the names, phone number and level of approval function you would like them to have - to portal-support@mfsafrica.com

  • You can opt to have:

  • One reviewer and one approver

  • Multiple reviewers and approvers

  • Transactions approved by one out of many approvers/signatories

  • Or customize you approval needs before funds can be released

  1. When a payment is made that requires your authorization, the system will automatically generate an e-mail to your e-mail Address,alerting you of a transaction to approve.

  2. You can then click the link provided within the email or login directly to Beyonic.

2. Once you open the e-mail, you will see the payment request and links at the bottom of the e-mail will take you to the specific transfer or the approval screen.

3. From withing the Funds to Phones application, click on Payments and then “Track Payments”

4. Click on the “Pending My Approval” Tab

5. Then click the transaction number(starting with P, in blue on the left hand side of the screen)to bring up details of the transaction pending approval.

6. To approve the transaction click the green “Approve” button in the upper-right hand corner of the window

7.  To reject this transaction, click the red “Reject” button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen

Once the payment has been approved, the status will change to “Scheduled”. If the payment was to be made immediately, it should take no more than 3-5 minutes to process. Most payments are processed in less than a minute.

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