The Funds To Phones platform allows you to have complete control of which users access what features.  By controlling which users can make transfer requests and create other users, you can implement a hierarchy within the Funds To Phones platform that mirrors your current paper-based authorization procedures.  

Defining User Access levels is done within a user account or when adding a new user.  

To modify the access level of an existing user:

  1. Login into your account

  2. Click on “Users” in the task bar at the top of the screen. This will take you the the list of current users that have access to your account

3. Click on the username of the specific user that you want to modify 

Setting permissions for any user:

 Set the permissions desired under “Groups” as follows:

  • Add Contact & ListsChecking this function will allow this user to add contacts and lists.  Creating contacts will allow this user to specify payment recipients within your organzations.  Creating lists will allow this user to organize contacts into lists

  • Add sub-organizationsChecking this function will allow this user to add sub-organizations within your organization.  This is useful for country directors and finance officers to specify different regional staff, field staff and vendors

  • Add UsersChecking this function will allow this user to create other users of the platform.  This permission should be set for users who have the authority to not only make transfers, but allow others to make transfers.

  • Initiate Transfer RequestsChecking this box will let this user schedule transfers from the organization account out to contacts.

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