Beyonic’s Funds To Phones system proactively checks the account balances and notifies users when their account balance is low.

When are low balance notifications sent?

Low balance notifications are sent on Mondays, at the start of the week, to allow you to plan for the week’s payments.

Types of low balance notifications

Two kinds of low balance notifications are supported:

  1. User defined thresholds: Any one with permission to edit your organization settings can set a low balance threshold for each account. When the account balance falls below this threshold, a notification will be sent.

  2. Predictive thresholds: If you do not set a low balance notification, but are making regular payments, Beyonic’s Funds To Phones system predicts how much you are likely to transfer this week based on your previous transactions and a few other criteria. If your current balance is below that value, you will get a low balance notification.

NOTE: Only one of these notifications will be sent. If you set user defined thresholds for a given account, they will override the predictive thresholds.

Who gets low balance notifications?

Organization administrators with permission to add users and manage the organization settings and anyone with permission to manage account deposits in your organization will get the low balance notifications.

Will my payments still be processed?

Yes, low balance notifications are simply advisory, and designed to help with planning your transfers. Your payments will continue to be processed until your account has insufficient funds for any single individual payment, at which point further payments will be paused for administrator intervention.

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