Beyonic is now able to connect existing merchant codes to our system and request new merchant codes on behalf of customers, for some countries and networks.


  • Having your own code allows your customers to send payments to you without having to type in an additional keyword

  • Response SMS will contain your company name/code  * This is network dependant and may not work in all cases.

  • ** Note, for networks that support merchant pull transactions, you do not usually need to get your own code, since the user just confirms the transaction on their end.


We do not charge upfront fees for facilitating this process, but charge a monthly maintenance & support fee of UGX 50,000 / KES 2,000 per merchant code per network. Contact us to find out more.


The time it takes to get a merchant code varies for each network. The faster all information is provided, the faster the process will take.

Transferring merchant account ownership:

Note that because Beyonic makes your funds available immediately via your Beyonic account, we retain ownership of the merchant account at our telecommunications partners. If you have existing codes, we will need to move their merchant account over to Beyonic’s control. If you would rather have control of your old merchant accounts, or if other systems are connected to them, then we request that you apply for new merchant codes with Beyonic as outlined below.

To transfer existing merchant codes to Beyonic:

  1. Draft a letter to the operator, on your company headed paper requesting the operator to:Transfer the merchant codes to Beyonic’s control (list the codes to be transferred)Transfer the power of signatory over the collection account to BeyonicSend funds received at that code to Beyonic’s merchant accounts (we shall provide the account details to the operator in tandem)Send notifications of funds received at that code to Beyonic’s system

  2. This letter should be signed by all the official signatories approved by the telecom partner during sign up.

  3. Beyonic shall deliver this letter along with our merchant information to the telecom partner to kick off the process.

How to apply for new merchant codes:

First, signup for a Beyonic account, if you don’t have one, and then email with the information required by each network operator below, and we will start the application process.

Supported Countries and Networks:

The information below shows the current countries and networks for which we can offer this service. For other countries and networks, we may not be able to provide custom merchant codes.

A. MTN Uganda

  • Supports alphanumeric merchant codes

  • Steps:We first check for availability of your code. To facilitate this, you are encouraged to provide 2 or 3 alternatives.Provide the following information to Beyonic to facilitate application on your behalf:Original Certified copy of Certificate of incorporation/Registration Original Certified copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association/Constitution VAT&TAX Registration/Exemption Certificate Original Certified copy of Company Form 7 (& or 8) OR Form of Annual Return Indicates Secretaries & Directors – certified by Registrar of Companies.(at least on director on form 7/8 or annual return signed on resolution)Brief Organization Profile signed by at least one Director on each page Original Registered Resolution from Company directors to open an MTN Mobile Money account & appointment of Signatories.Valid and clear Copies of I. D’s for at least 2 Company directors signed on resolution. Valid copy of I’d for Authorized Signatory if any.Filled Online application form for card creation details (or provisioning of the account on system)Account signature mandate form All documents submitted must be stamped and or signed by the Relevant authorities or authorized person(s) to commit on each page. (Name and Signature).

B. AIRTEL Uganda

  • Supports only numeric merchant codes

  • Steps:We first check for availability of your code. To facilitate this, you are encouraged to provide 2 or 3 alternatives.Provide the following information to Beyonic to facilitate application on your behalf:Brief company Profile Certified copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration Memorandum & Articles of Incorporation or equivalent Copy of TIN/ VAT Certificate( OR exempt)Copy of  Trading License or its equivalent Copy of Tenancy  registered document for the company premises Certified copy  of Statement of Particulars of Directors/Members Copies of two Directors’ ID Cards / Passports (Passport Compulsory for foreigners)


  • Coming soon.

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