You may want to create and download reports of the payments your organization has made. To do so the system allows you to download reports in two ways:

  1. Using the Payments Menu.From with the Funds to Phone platform, navigate to the Payments page and select Track Payments:

2. Create a Payment Report using the EXPORT button on the payment list page. This groups payments up and also exports ALL history. It currently doesn’t have date selection.

2. You can also create a report from the Accounts Menu. This includes details of each payment to each recipient and also includes fees and account top ups and balances. It also has a date filter so you can limit to the Feb transactions only.

  1. Go to Accounts Menu and click on View Account Statement

2. Select an account to view its statement 

3. Click on the Export button

4. Select a Date Range, a File Type and Generate the Export

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