You can either create contacts directly, or from excel.

Creating Contacts Directly

When you go to the “Add Contact” page, you’re presented with a spreadsheet that allows you to add multiple contacts at once. Simply type the names, numbers other details into the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet supports copying, pasting and dragging, just like an excel spreadsheet.

Note: The group field is useful because it organizes the new contacts into a new or existing group, which can be used to make a payment to all the contacts easily.

Creating contacts from excel

If your contacts already exist in Excel, you can copy them and paste them into the spreadsheet in your browser.

Step 1: Format them in Excel so that they match the format in the browser.

Note: You might need to add a single quote (‘) in front of the phone number to get it to format properly. For example, enter ‘+256789876 instead of +256789876 (Notice the ‘ before the + sign)

Step 2: Once you have copied from excel, simply paste the data into the spreadsheet in your browser using “Crtl + V”.


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