The default option to receive a token is 'SMS Entry' which usually sends a 6 digit token to your registered number.

To trigger the SMS, on the log in page:

  1. Click the 'Send Code' button

  2. Once you get the SMS with the tokens, key in the code and select 'Verify' button to log in.

Should this option fail:

Please select the Smartphone Application option. This will require you to install an app called 'Google Authenticator' from your Play Store or App Store

Once fully set up:

  1. Select the Smartphone Application option on the log in page

  2. The Google Authenticator will provide you with a token to key in

    Kindly note that this option will instantly generate a token each time you need to use this option.


  1. Select the email option on the log in page and click the 'Send Email' button

  2. Once you get the confirmation message that the email is sent successfully, please check your email and click on "Confirm Log In" to access your account

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