1. By default new organizations will only have the BXC currency enabled for payments and collections. In your organization page on the web portal this will look like:

In order to transact in this currency, please ensure that you also have a BXC account created. You cannot transact in BXC without a BXC account. Your Wallet balances tab should look like this:

2. In order to transact in a real-world currency such as KES, UGX and so on, you must have that currency enabled in your Payment settings (for payments) and in your Collection settings (for collections). For this, kindly reach out to your account manager or send a request to portal-support@mfsafrica.com

You must also have an account created for that currency. Without these prerequisites it will not be possible to transact. Example settings for KES:

and for the account:

This setup allows for transacting in KES.

3. For payments, it is important to set up approval rules for every currency that you transact in. Payments may fail to be processed if you have no approval rules.

4. Approval rules are created and edited by MFS Africa staff, so engage with the support team to have your rules set up. This does not affect collections.

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