There are a number of reasons why a payment might be paused:

  1. Duplicate payments - This means you are sending out the same payment details more than once.

    Sometimes this is in error but sometimes it is intentional

    • We have included a function that allows you to either cancel the duplicate transaction or complete it.

    • All you have to do is click the payment ID, you will see a highlighted option at the top of your screen reading "Retry duplicates" or "Abort/Cancel duplicates".

    • click it to have them completed if you wish them to be completed.

  2. Timed out payments - These can only be completed by us once we have validated them.

  3. Parked payments - These are stuck because your account has insufficient balance at the moment. They are always completed when your account balance is updated.

Note: Please reach out to us via the chat box, should you find that you are unsure about the reason for your transaction not being complete.

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