What are approval rules and approvers?

Once you have more than one user in your account, we highly recommend that you set up approval rules.

Approval rules help prevent unauthorized payments by enabling additional checks before payments are released. Each rule specifies additional approvers who must sign off on a payment. Approvers are just like bank account signatories.

You can have as many approval rules as you like, and can make them as flexible as you like.

For example, an approval rule can be limited to a specific account balance, and to specific amounts. You can even limit approval rules to a specific group of contacts, or to payments created by a specific user.

How do I set up approval rules?

Because approval rules are sensitive, you're not able to add or edit them yourself. To set up approval rules, you must send an email to support@beyonic.com, including the following information.

  1. Account: The name of the that this rule should apply to. If left blank, it will apply to all accounts that don't have specific rules.

  2. The minimum and maximum amounts of the payment: if you leave these out, then the rule will apply to any amount.

  3. Mandatory approvers: The users who must approve the payment. Each approver will be required to approve the payment before it goes out.

  4. Optional approvers: Other users who can optionally approve the payment. If you include this, you must also include the number of optional signatures.

  5. Number of optional "signatures": How many of the optional users need to approve a payment before it goes out?

  6. Payment initiators: If you want this rule to apply to payments created by a specific user, let us know.

  7. Target groups: If you want this rule to apply to payments sent to a specific group, let us know.

Note that rules can also be nested. This allows you to have different levels of approvers. For example, if you want to have the accountant first check the payments before sending them to the CFO to sign off, then we can create two rules for each "level" of approvals.

If you have any questions, we're happy to help! Please contact us via chat or email.

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