Beyonic makes it easy to export your data for import into other systems, or for record keeping.

Most lists will allow you to export data as a .CSV (comma separated) file, which you can open in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications. Look for the download icon at the top of any list to export a .CSV copy:

Exporting Transactions

You can reach the transaction list by clicking on "Accounts" > "View Account Statement". If you have more than one currency account, you will also need to click the specific account in the resulting list of accounts.

Once you are there, the transaction list lets you export data as .PDF and .OFX in addition to .CSV.

PDF (Plain Document Format) files can be opened in a PDF viewer like Adobe PDF. They are also good for emailing and printing. 

OFX (Open File Exchange) files can be imported directly into some accounting applications like Quickbooks.

On the Transaction list, the button looks a little different. It has an arrow to indicate that there is more than one option. When you click it, you will get a dropdown with .CSV, .OFX and .PDF options.

As shown below, the transactions list also allows you to select additional options:

  1. Group Payments - When you are paying many people at once, one payment operation can contain more than one transaction. By default, each transaction is shown separately on the transaction list. The "Group Payments" option lets you combine related payments into one row, similarly to the Payments list. 

  2. Show Fees - Similarly, fees that are incurred by a transaction will show on a separate line in the transaction list by default. The "Show Fees" option lets you include these fees on the same row as the main transaction.

Happy exporting!

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