Beyonic enables you to send an SMS to a user under various scenarios.

Sending payments:

For sending out payments, there are two types of SMS that are sent to your recipient:

  1. Network messages: These are receipts or notifications sent by the network (MTN, Airtel, etc). These are free.

  2. Additional SMS messages: If you click the "Send SMS" option when creating a payment, we will send the description as a separate SMS message. This message is not free. The fee is calculated by trying to estimate how many SMS fit in the description you have typed and then multiplying by the SMS fee. So if your description is long and it requires two SMS messages, you will pay for each message.

Receiving payments:

For receiving payments, there are also two types of SMS messages. Both SMS messages are controlled by a setting in your organization profile. If you turn this setting off, these SMS messages will not be sent. If it's on, the following SMS are sent.

  1. Success messages: If you configure a success message (and the SMS settings are turned on), this message will be sent to your customer once they have successfully send a payment to you. 

  2. Collection request SMS: If you use collection requests, when you try to request money from someone, and the SMS settings are turned on, we will also send an SMS to the customer. 

For both of these, we calculate the SMS costs depending on the length of the message you want to send. Each SMS is 160 characters, so for example, if the message is 300 characters long, it will result into 2 SMS and you will be charged double the cost of an SMS.

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