To get started in Ghana, please submit the following documents via email to

The email should include:

  1. Country of interest: Ghana

  2. Company name: The company name as it appears on your registration documents, and as it appears in Beyonic's system (These should be the same)

  3. Company description: A brief description about your company, what it does and what you want to use Beyonic for.

Attach the following documents to the email in PDF, PNG, or JPG format:

  1. Ghanaian company registration documents

  2. Director's passport or government issued ID - doesn't have to be Ghanaian

  3. Relevant license where applicable - this depends on your business. Some businesses are required to show additional licensing

What if my company is not registered in Ghana?

Currently, we're required to work with companies registered in Ghana. Contact us at for more information.

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