Congratulations! You have a Beyonic account! What next?

Next step: Get verified

Before you can start making payments, you need to get verified. This process helps Beyonic and our telecom partners confirm that you are a legitimate business that is authorized to pay people, or bill people. This step is part of the Know-Your-Customer (KYC) requirements created by the authorities in each country where Beyonic operates. Beyonic complies with the local regulations for each of country.

What does this process involve?

  1. Decide what countries you want to use Beyonic in: This verification process is different for each country, so the first step is to decide which countries you're interested in.

  2. Submit the required documents: The pages below will let you know which documents you need to submit. For some countries, physical, certified copies are required. Be thorough as you fill out and submit the required documents. The more thorough you are, the faster the whole process will take.

  3. Telecom verification: Beyonic will submit the documents to the telecom companies and once approved, Beyonic will activate your account for the country you have chosen.

  4. Additional steps: Some countries have additional steps that you may have to complete. Please see the sections below for more information .

Country specific requirements:

To proceed, please review the requirements for the country you would like to get started in. Each country has a specific sub-section in the "Getting Started" section of our support site.

At any stage of the process, if you have any questions, contact us via the chat box below, or send an email to

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